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Merdiven Art Space, Istanbul



09.11.2018 – 08.12.2018

Merdiven Art Space hosts Neriman Polat’s solo exhibition titled “Merciless” between November 9 and December 8. The artist who focuses on themes such as sociological layers, urban, woman, and gentrification, questions the discrimination and violence against children in the city. “Merciless” which is designed as a site-specific installation by bringing together the images belonging to the domestic and external living spaces under the same atmosphere, exposes Neriman Polat’s competence in interfering with the ready-made, which is supported by connotations.

In this period, where social violence becomes more and more visible Polat, referring to the social and urban corruption through the fragility of children and questioning the protected structure of the family concept, depicts houses lacking compassion. The brick wall built at the space reminds of the facades at the forgotten streets of the city and features a photo of a collapsed house. Patterns on the kids’ blankets that were transformed into dramatic images with a strong discourse thanks to the artist’s intervention, and the interior space painted into a familiar colour that is usually used in the kids’ room, expose the traces of a heartless world. Neriman Polat draws attention to the hopeless future by focusing on being silenced and gender codes with her reinterpreted drawings.

The artist not only visualizes the fact that the violence behind the fragile walls of the houses that are constantly damaged both physically and metaphorically, without agitation but also internalizes the dreams coming out of the houses. The cold blankets, subject of the web of violence preparing a ground for a collapse that cannot be ignored, warms neither the hearts nor the bodies.



Merdiven Artspace, İstanbul


Şefkatsiz, Yerleştirme, 2018

Merciless, Installation, 2018


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