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Woman with Blonde Hair

“Voices From This Country” Karsı Sanat Art Group
GEDOK, Karlsruhe, Almanya
Photo Installation

“Resemblance” has frequently  been a topic in my different works. “ Blondes” can be considered in this context. I secretly photographed women with blonde hair.I believe that the female fashion of brunettes transforming themselves into blondes began in the 70’s. Furthermore, this was a type of aspiration towards Westernization as well as acliche for being attractive and well groomed.

It was exhibited  at Karsı Sanat Art Group the Voices From This Country”exhibition in Istanbul. And also at Gedok,”In der Zeit.Und im Raum”, Karlsruhe, Germany



“Yurttan Sesler” Sergisinden, Karşı Sanat Çalışmaları
GEDOK, Karlsruhe, Almanya


2001 >